Register As New Student
Registration for the new student via online is opened few weeks before the official registration.
Student ID and password to access UniKL system (email, student portal, UniKL Link apps) will be given during online registration.

Update Profile & Submit Registration Documents
If you have registered as UniKL student, you can immediately update your profile and upload the registration forms online via student portal (click here to access Student Portal)

Meeting with Coordinator
The programme coordinator will brief on what to expect of the programme and advise on the credit transfer process (if applicable) as well. Session with the coordinator is normally held after the official registration.

Course Preregistration
A returning student MUST do Pre-Registration of courses
that he intends to take in the following semester. Pre-Registration is opened for two weeks prior to the revision period
The University has the right
a. to amend/disapprove the course pre-registration based on performance of the students
b. to revoke the offering of pre-registered courses due to certain circumstances.

View Class Timetable
Class timetable can be viewed via student portal before class begin.

Register Course
Normally, courses will be registered according to the standard package of the semester offered for the new students. Students will be informed to verify the registered courses. For students who have applied for transfer of credits, courses can be dropped and added within the timeline given.

Class timetable can be viewed via student portal before class begin.

Final Examination/Assessment
Exam Timetable will be released via Student Portal. Student is required to download the examination slip a week before the final examination week, subject to no outstanding fee

View Result
Results will be published once been endorsed by senate
There are two phases:
i) Provisional Examination Results
ii) Official Examination Results
Student can appeal to review their grade or appeal for re admission if their result is fail and Out within specified timeline.

Register Semester
All students must register their academic semester online via student portal or UniKL Link within the time indicated by the University.
Online registrations are opened one week before semester begin until Friday the first week of the academic calendar.
Payment amount for the registration can be viewed before the online is online. Students must pay outstanding before being allowed to register.
Late registration through counter services is allowed until the second week of the new academic semester.
Click here for Summary Guide on Semester Registration
Or Guideline on Registration and Payment
Always look for the announcement on the actual dates on registration process for the next semester during Final Examination Week

Add Drop
Add Drop is the process of amendment to the course registration made in the preceding semester. The add drop is only allowed at limited time and via student portal, subject to availability of the seat in the class and no timetable clashing.

Credit Transfer
A student is allowed to transfer credits for courses which he has already taken at another academic programme prior to his admission into the University. Study duration may be shortened by 1-2 semesters if the credits approved for transfer is high.
• Vertical Credit Transfer
Credits passed in certificate to be transferred to Diploma programme or Credits passed in Diploma to be transferred to Bachelor programme
Condition applied: student must have completed the certificate/ diploma programme
• Horizontal Credit Transfer
Credits passed in Diploma to be transferred to Diploma programme or Credits passed in Bachelor to be transferred to Bachelor programme
Condition applied: student must have not been terminated/Failed from the previous Institution
Application should be made immediate after you register.
Syllabus for the applied courses must be attached together with completed application form must be submitted to programme coordinator/AcSS for further evaluation. The approved credit statement can be viewed/downloaded via student portal or UniKL Link apps.

Receive Transcript & Scroll
Completed student is allowed to request for partial transcript for the purpose of applying for job before the official transcript is released.
Early Scroll Request is allowed before convocation


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