Student Development Section

English Unit

This Unit focuses on developing students’ English proficiency for effective communication.  By integrating the English language into various academic disciplines, the unit strives to equip students with excellent English command for professional use. 

Among subjects offered by the unit are: Interpersonal Skills, Competency English, Communication English, Fundamental English,  Professional English 1 and Professional English 2. Through various interactive and engaging modules, students are exposed to essential communication skills, effective presentation skills, technical report writing skills, meeting skills, job hunting skills and interpersonal skills. 

In-class activities are also designed to instill students with confidence and good interpersonal skills.  Activities outside classrooms are organised to enhance student’s confidence, motivation and language proficiency.

Mata Pelajaran Umum and Entrepreneurship Unit

This unit offers subjects made compulsory by the Malaysian Quality Assurance Unit of the Ministry of Higher Education with the aim to instill patriotism and nationalistic values amongst the students of institutions of higher learning. Among the subjects offered are Bahasa Kebangsaan, (National Language), Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi (Malay Communication), Pengajian Malaysia (Malaysian Studies), Pengajian Islam (Islamic Studies) and Pendidikan Moral (Moral Education).

This unit strives to inculcate nationalistic values and patriotism amongst the students and to instill moral and religious values through Islamic studies and moral education.  In addition, through the subject Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi (Communication Malay), international students are given the opportunity to learn Malay language that will be able to interact with confidence with the local community. 

Apart from these subjects, the unit is also responsible to inculcate entrepreneurial culture amongst the students through its various entrepreneur subjects which include Introduction to Entrepreneurship for Diploma level and, Technopreneurship and Innovation Management for Bachelor level.  These subjects will assist students in identifying the concepts of entrepreneurship, as well as setting up business and incorporating technology and innovation in the business.  

Thus, not only UniKL produces highly, technically skilled students, but also prepares manpower with entrepreneurial skills, high moral values, integrity and patriotism towards the nations and any organisation they serve.



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